Btechno is a data management and integration services enterprise, building experiences for our clients. We transform data into business value, enables you to access, integrate, and trust your information assets and receive maximum value from you investment.

Our professionals will work with you to designa project plan that considers you real needs and create the foundation for all you data integration initiatives, including analytics and data warehousing, application migration, or consolidation.

Our Expertise

ETL Development and Implement

We develop and implement ETL projects with various technologies including Informatica (PowerCenter, DataQuality, Indentity Resolution, Data Masking, etc.), SAP, Pentaho, etc.

Datawarehouse Projects

We create centralized models of information for decision making, based on data distributed in countless databases, files, external sources, etc.

Web Development

We develop customized software products in a short time and with the best technology to test your business idea in a very short time.

Mobile Application Development

Fast development, our agile development service for mobile devices will allow you to have your app for iOS and Android platforms in a short time and with the best quality.